PICO-SALAX® Patient Information

Patient Instructions:

Please click on the language button of your choice for the “EASY TO USE, SEE HOW” instructions that were developed with help from physicians across Canada. These instructions can be printed.

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FOR CHILDREN'S DOSE: Please mix entire sachet in 150 mL of cold water and then give either ¼, ½ or entire sachet volume (150 mL) depending on age (follow your physician’s directions) for the first dose. If dose is less than 150 mL, please discard remaining PICO-SALAX mixture (mix a fresh sachet if a second dose is required). Repeat these instructions for second dose.

FOR PHYSICIANS: Any blue shaded area can be individualized for your patient. Simply TAB from one section to the next. When completed, print out and give to the patient. Alternatively, you can print this form out and complete it manually. You should have received by mail, a Word version of the form. If not, please click on the link below and a CD will be forwarded to you. This CD will enable you to save a completed version on your computer system and email completed forms to your patient.


Pico Salax Bowel Prep